Program Details

The Hikam are eloquent masterpieces of spiritual wisdom that concisely summarize the path to intellectual, emotional, and spiritual balance, and a life of true freedom and joy. They are a must-study for a Muslim living in a post-modern world.

The program will consist of a weekly one hour pre-recorded lecture by Shaykh Mokhtar along with a weekly one-hour interactive live class facilitated by Shaykh Riad Saloojee.

Students will be given learning resource materials for each class and encouraged to share personal reflections and participate in a virtual Suhba Circle discussion group.


The program will run from July 18th-August 29th, 2021. There will be an orientation class on Sunday July 18th.

Live Class Timings:

Hikam Class: Every Sunday 10:30am-11:45am NY (5:30pm-6:45pm Istanbul)

Duration: 1 Hour


This is a paid program. Cost: $199 USD. Financial sponsorships are available for those unable to afford it.

More information:

Please email Salman Khan, the Director of Operations, at:



Riad Saloojee

Shaykh Riad Saloojee is a lawyer by training and has worked in the fields of media and political activism. He studied the Islamic sciences at Dār al-‘Ulūm al-‘Arabīyya al-Islāmīyya (DUAI), a well-known Islamic seminary of higher learning in Cape Town, South Africa, where he also taught for a number of years after graduation. His teachers include Shaykh Muḥammad Emin Er (May Allah sanctify his soul), Shaykh Mokhtār Maghrāoui, Shaykh Tāha Karaan, Shaykh Muaadth Allie and Shaykh Abdurragman Khan, among others.

Course Assistant

Salman Khan

Ustādh Salman Khan is the Director of Operations and Student Affairs for the Ṣuḥba Fellowship Program in Istanbul, a role that he continues to play in the Institute’s family and adult programming. He graduated from Dār al-Na’īm, a well-known Islamic seminary in Cape Town, South Africa, where he studied full-time for four years; and he also has degrees in both electrical engineering as well as education. He strives to imbue every field of his work – program delivery and operations, logistics, or student affairs – with the best of Islam’s spiritual and rational principles.