Program Overview

When was the last time you bonded spiritually with your family by remembering Allah and His Messenger in love and joy? For most of us, rarely, if ever.  If we do not connect in meaningful ways, we will not forge meaningful connections. Let’s reorient and rejuvenate – together, hearts in resonance.

Al-Madina Institute announces the launch of our new program catologue: Hearts in Resonance.

This year, join one (or two, or all) of our new and upcoming programs, designed, by Allah’s grace, to touch and transform the hearts of children, junior adolescents, teens, adults, and the entire family.

Serving you and your family...

Al-Madina Institute has always dedicated itself to help families reorient to the Divine. For the past three years, our flagship program, the Suhbah Fellowship Program in Istanbul, served families in their quest for transformative sacred knowledge and practice to pursue a spiritually rich and rewarding life.

By the grace of Allah, we have seen children, adolescents, teens, adults and families mature spiritually and intellectually, and, in many cases, change the entire course of their lives.

We now devote ourselves to serving you, your family, and Muslim families everywhere with our online programs that a unique perspective to Islamic education. 

We firmly believe that education must transform individual hearts, families and communities.   Knowledge is more than information.   It must be rooted in our traditional intellectual and spiritual legacy; it must be practiced and lived; it must touch and transform our heart’s relationship with Allah and His Messenger ; and it must consequently be reflected in our inner character and conduct.  

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